Dr Vesna Marinković-Mičić specialist for anestheisa, reanimate and acupuncture The Chairman of Associatian of acupuncturologyst of Serbia

During the years people are coming in small street in Belgrade Mitropolit Pavle Nenadovic as on pilgrimage. There is VITALIS the first private doctor practice and the first center for traditional and modern medicine and aesthetic. Dr Vesna Marinkovic-Micic cures very successfully many diseases.

Vitalis-the first center for traditional and modern medicine outgrow in a real small clinic of entire Chinese medicine. That was because of Dr Vesna Marinkovic-Micic. She affirmed acupuncture in the right way in ex Yugoslavia in that measure that acupuncture entered in all other health institutions.

Dr Vesna Marinkovic-Micic is the specialist for anesthesia, reanimate and acupuncture and the chairman of Association of acupuncturologysts of Serbia. She is the big connoisseur and practical expert for west and entire Chinese medicine. She succeded to reconcil traditional and modren medicine in successful cure of many diseases on very high professional level. Because of that cure patientes are just pushed her in medical orbit. The newspapers write about her, she is on television and radio emissions.

Dr Vesna Marinković-Mičić Biography

She was born at 1954. She graduated Medical University in Belgrade at the age of 22 and became the youngest doctor in her generation. Then she finished specialisation from anesthesia and she spent almost 15 years in surgical’s auditoriums. Here she started her professional life but also her professional and human ideals.

She knows that Chinese people remove all the pain with ACUPUNCTURE. That was her professional and human ideals and certainly her professional challenge. She wanted to discover the secret of acupuncture and “miricle” power of that small needle.She went to specialisation in Peking and Los Angeles the most famous centers for this ancient medicine and she discovered the secrets in this centers.

Certenly the story of her learning of Chinese medicine could be longer. She was watching delicate operation on heart on the patient who was anesthetize just by acupuncture. With open thoracic cage avake for three hours the patient isn’t contract of the pain…and only anestethic-just one needle.

When she came back in the country 1990 she found the Medical Center VITALIS. That was the first private medical practice and the first Center for traditional and modern medicine and aesthetics. There is acupuncture, Chinese needle, modern lasers-more effective than any medicament for pain and many diseases.

In her Center VITALIS during the years she organises theoretical and pratical theaching doctors on high pofessional level. The theaching is performe in direct contact with the ptientes with adequate theoretical and practical verify.

In 1993 she was select for the Chairman of The Associaton of acupunturologysts of Serbia.Their aim is to work on scientific-exploration and education in region of acupuncture and application of modern attainments in work of Association’s members.

During the years she perform her medic-educational task successfully like that she in a popular,accesible and interesting way educated ordinary man in the direction of media,tv appearances,newspapers articles,on public assemblages,in her ordination,giving people competent medical information how to keep their health,to meet their body and to prevent disease.

Dr Vesna Marinkovic- Micic wrote and published the book about MODERN ACUPUNCTURE with atlases of meridians and famous energetic ways on which is in a big measure found this therapy.The books are surely sufficient proffesional for doctors and clear for layman.They will help many people to live without the pain.

In her center VITALIS Dr Vesna received older and new generations who considered her as a family doctor and she justified their confidence.


The first professional ASSOCIATION OF ACUPUNCTUROLOGYSTS OF SERBIA is found in Belgrade at the end of 1993.The aim of association is science-exploration work and education in area of acupuncture because of application of modern attainments in work of association’s membrs.The association is found as professional association of doctor specialists for acupuncture in aim to protect interest of profession of acupuncturologysts as acknowledge branch of medicine and also to make sure professional perfection of association’s members in use acupuncture in cure of patients.The aims and tasks of association are:cooperation with all doctoral association in Serbia and Montenegro and with similar organisations in our and foreign country.Popularization of acupuncture and it wide application in all branches of medicine.Work on publishing all publication (magazines,bulletines,etc.) with aim to inform members about work of association and the newest science and professional attainments in branch of acupunctyre.


The chairman of Association - Dr Vesna Marinkovic-Micic



Who has a little knowledge cannot understand

someone who has it much and who has a short life-time

cannot understand long-lived,

the big secret hide art to know yourself

" the old Chinese wisdom"

The seat of Association of acupuncturologysts of Serbia,

the first Center for Traditonal and Modern Medicine and Aesthetic,

11000 Belgrade

Kralja Milutina 35

Doctors Group

“Vitalis” is the first private practice, the first Center for traditional and modern medicine and aesthetics. In this Center patients are practically assured, by years, that acupuncture is very effective therapy for many diseases, when it is in good professional hands and at the right place.

Chinese people know almost 5000 years that the human body has 12 meridians and 365 acupunctural points, just as the number of days in the year. The acupuncture in the world and in our country, as the addition to official medicine, gives quite real hope to modern man for healing all diseases that the official medicine couldn’t heal by these days.

The World Health Organisation acknowledged acupuncture as effective therapy for about 50 diseases, as addition to official medicine. This was 70s years past century, but today medical explorer expanded that list. It can be said that acupuncture heal or help at diseases and conditiones from A to Z or from head to heel.

Acupuncture, modern lasers, aromapuncture and elixirs, the entire tradition natural medicine are in Vitalis. This, innocuous therapy, are effective then medicament for many diseases and they are the most effective as the addition to offical medicine in cure of modern diseases. Vitalis experience show that the acupuncture is the only medicament for many diseases and the only way for lasting cure.


  • Dr Vesna Marinković-Mičić


  • Dr Vesna Marinković-Mičić