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  • Dr Vesna Marinković-Mićić,
  • specialist for anestheisa, reanimate and acupuncture

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Acupuncture is complementary or popularly called alternative medicine. The effects of acupuncture are so successful that it is used to treat more than 50 diagnoses and parallel with the methods of modern medicine.

Acupuncture is a natural medicine and belongs to the field of supplementary medical procedures. Acupuncture is harmless and works beneficially to the the whole body.

New from Vitalis!


Urovital  is a new all-natural product for strengthening resistance of urinary system. Thanks to the synergistic effect of standardized ekstracts of cranberries, Buchu and saw palmetto it achieves extremely beneficial effect on the genitourinary system in women, and especially in men by preventing prostate enlargement and inflammation.
Urovital is recommended for frequent and painful urination, for burning with urination, nocturnal enuresis, for difficulty in urination, acute and chronic inflammation of the urinary bladder and kidneys, as well as for the treatment of infertility and reduced potency.